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Philip R. Dodge Symposium

"Celebrating 50 Years of Pediatric Neurosciences"

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When: Friday, October 27, 2017 at 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Eric P. Newman Center (Medical Campus)

This event, held Friday, October 27, is full day symposium (in lieu of the annual Dodge lecture) in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Phil Dodge’s 1967 arrival in St Louis and the origins of pediatric neurology at WUSM/SLCH. The speaker roster includes luminaries in the pediatric neurosciences from both within and outside of WUSM. The agenda addresses a wide breadth of topics of general interest as well as specialty areas and range from clinical practice to current research.

Note:  CME Accreditation.

FREE. In honor of the advancements in pediatric neurosciences initiated by Philip R. Dodge and his ongoing legacy impacting the field, this one-day symposium is offered for free to all attendees thanks to our generous supporters.  Visit the conference website for more information and to register (registration deadline is October 18).

Questions? Contact Lori Nichols.


8:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

8:30 a.m. Bradley Schlaggar, MD, PhD, Edwin Dodson, MD and Michael Noetzel, MD

Welcome and History of Pediatric Neurosciences at Washington University/St Louis Children’s Hospital

9:00 a.m. Bryan McGill, MD (WashU Neurology)

"Abnormal Microglia and Enhanced InflammationRelated Gene Transcription in Mice with Conditional Deletion of Ctcf"

9:15 a.m. Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD (Harvard Medical School)

"Neurodevelopmental Origin of CNS Tumors"

9:45 a.m. Jennifer Strahle, MD (WashU Neurological Surgery)

"Iron-mediated Pathogenesis of Hydrocephalus After Neonatal Intraventricular Hemorrhage"

10:00 a.m. Break (Snack Provided)

10:30 a.m. Chrysanthy Ikonomidou, MD, PhD (University of Wisconsin)

"Anticonvulsants, Anesthetics and the Pediatric Brain"

11:00 a.m. Nico Dosenbach, MD, PhD (WashU Neurology)

"Understanding Successful Neuroplasticity Through Precision Imaging of Perinatal Stroke Survivors"

11:15 a.m. Jeffrey (Jeff) Neil, MD, PhD (Harvard Medical School)

"Brain Development in Human Infants"

11:45 a.m. Christopher Smyser, MD (WashU Neurology)

"Predicting Childhood Outcomes in Preterm Infants Using Cerebral Connectivity"

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Jennifer Kwon, MD, MPH (University of Rochester)

"Newborn Screening Long-Term Follow-up: The Expanding Role of Child Neurologists"

1:30 p.m. Stephanie Morris, MD (WashU Neurology)

"Autism Spectrum Disorder in Neurofibromatosis Type 1"

1:45 p.m. Richard (Rick) Leventer, PhD (University of Melbourne)

"Focal Cortical Dysplasia: There’s More and More to mTOR"

2:15 p.m. Siddharth Jain, MBBS, MD (WashU Neurology)

"Clinical Risk Stratification in Encephalopathic Neonates"

2:30 p.m. Break (Snack Provided)

3:00 p.m. Kristin Guilliams, MD (WashU Neurology)

"Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Children with Sickle Cell Disease"

3:15 p.m. Laura Jansen, MD, PhD (University of Virginia)

"Genetic and Mechanistic Links Between Epilepsy and Autism"

3:45 p.m. Rafael Galindo, MD, PhD (WashU Neurology

"Neuroprotective Actions of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferases in Neonatal Cerebral Hypoxia-Ischemia"

4:00 p.m. Jeffrey (Jeff) Ojemann, MD (WashU Neurological Surgery)

"Building a Link Between Functional Mapping Research and Pediatric Neurosurgery"

4:30-6 p.m. Evening Reception

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