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4th Annual Midwest Preclinical Imaging Consortium

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When: Tuesday, May 08, 2018 at 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Where: Connor Auditorium (Medical Campus, Farrell LTC)

The 4th annual Midwest Preclinical Imaging Consortium meeting is being held at WU, May 6-8. Registration is complimentary, but required to attend. Limited seats available.

Speaker information and program details: 
The meeting focuses on methodologies in preclinical imaging. Topics include:
  • Role of translational imaging in biopharmaceutical development
  • Methods and applications of magnetic particle imaging
  • Magnetic resonance fingerprinting: opportunities and challenges in preclinical imaging
  • Photoacoustic multispectral imaging of pathophysiology and response to therapy
  • Dose finding studies in vivo and quantitative autoradiography
  • Default network in mice
  • Radiomics & machine learning in predictive modeling
  • Animal models of human disease in oncology
  • Mouse-to-human imaging standards
  • Preclinical hyperpolarized MR imaging
  • In vivo pathology and MALDI imaging

For inquiries contact Kooresh Isaac Shoghi.

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