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Obituary: Arthur D. Loewy, professor of anatomy and neuroscience, 74

From the WashU Newsroom...

Arthur DeCosta Loewy, PhD, a professor of anatomy and of neuroscience at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, died Dec. 2, 2017, of complications related to inflammatory bowel disease and other health issues. He was 74.

Upon joining the faculty at the School of Medicine in 1975, Loewy focused his research on the ways the brain regulates bodily functions such as blood pressure. He is best known for discovering the anatomical basis of the fight-or-flight response. Early in his career, he used radioactively tagged molecules to trace the pathway that connects the brain to the pacemaking neurons in the heart. His latest studies focused on the brain structures that sense blood sodium levels and translate them into an appetite for salt.

“Dr. Loewy made major contributions to the field of neuroscience and, in particular, to studies of the autonomic nervous system centers and pathways in the brain, including those that control salt intake and blood pressure,” said Azad Bonni, MD, PhD, the Edison Professor and head of the Department of Neuroscience. “He was known for his generosity, kindness, love of teaching and sense of humor. Arthur will be deeply missed, and his passing is a great loss for the department.” 

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