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Annual Neuroscience Events

The table below lists annual named lectures, colloquiua, symposia and retreats. Click on the links to learn more.

Fall Events Scheduling
Faculty coordinator
Administrative coordinator
 Berg Symposium fall (every other year)  Knight ADRC  John Morris  Jennifer Philips
Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics Retreat fall (Oct) Biochemistry Program, Molecular Biophysics Program   Melissa Torres
 Dodge Lecture  fall  Dept of Neurology  Michael Noetzel  Lori Nichols
 Erlanger-Gasser Lecture  fall  Dept of Cell Biology & Physiology    Gloria Hoch
 Gildea Lecture  fall  Dept of Psychiatry    Simone Jacob
Hall Lecture fall Dept of Biology   Judy Musick
 Hartmann Lecture  fall  Dept of Pediatrics    Lori Nichols
Human and Statistical Genetics Retreat fall Human and Statistical Genetics Program    
Immunology Retreat fall (Sep) Immunology Program   Melanie Puhar
 Kaplan Lecture  fall  Dept of Psychiatry    Julie Follman
 Landau Lecture  fall  Dept of Neurology  Rob Naismith  Lorraine Edrington
Lowry Lecture fall Department of Developmental Biology   Kati Riebold 
Molecular Cell Biology Retreat fall (Sep) Molecular Cell Biology Program    
Molecular Genetics Retreat fall (Sep) Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program    Melanie Puhar
 Moore Lecture  fall   Divisions of Hematology & Oncology    Katie Heil
 Neuroscience Colloquium  fall (Sep/Oct)  Office of Neuroscience Research  Anneliese Schaefer  Miranda Portwine

 Neuroscience Retreat

 fall (Sep) Office of Neuroscience Research  Anneliese Schaefer  Laura Williams
Plant Biology Retreat fall (Oct) Plant Biology Program    Melissa Torres
 Robins (Eli) Lecture  fall  Dept of Psychiatry     Julie Follman
 Robins (Lee) Lecture  fall  Dept of Psychiatry     Julie Follman
 Rose Lecture  fall  Program in Physical Therapy    
 Santiago Lecture  fall  Dept of Pediatrics    Lori Nichols
 Seay Lecture  fall  Knight ADRC  John Morris  Myrtis Spencer
SfN Annual Meeting

Nov 12-16
Nov 11-5
Nov 3-7

 Society for Neuroscience    
 Shreffler Lecture  fall  Depts of Genetics, Pathology & Immunology    
Spring Events Scheduling
Faculty coordinator
Administrative coordinator
 World Pediatric Stroke Association Lecture (formeryl Brendon's Smile Lecture)  spring  Dept of Neurology  Brad Schlaggar  Lori Nichols

 CCSN Annual Lecture


 CCSN  Deanna Barch  Laura Williams
 Coxe Lecture  spring  Dept of Neurosurgery  TS Park  Mary Amann
Developmental Biology Retreat spring (May/June) Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program   Stacy Kiel

 Friedman Conference on Aging

 spring  Friedman Center for Aging  Nancy Morrow-Howell  Stephanie Herbers
 Freund Lecture  spring  Siteman Cancer Center    
 Goldring Lecture  spring  Dept of Neurology  Ed Hogan  Donna Theiss
 Guze Lecture  spring (Jan)  Dept of Psychiatry    Julie Follman
 Guze Symposium on Alcoholism  spring (3rd Thursday in February)  Dept of Psychiatry, Midwest Alcoholism Research Center    Debra Hughes
 Hamburger Lecture  spring (Mar/Apr)  Dept of Biology  Ian Duncan  Judy Musick
 Historia Medica Lecture  spring  Center for History of Medicine    Sharon Elder
 Hope Center Retreat  spring  Hope Center for Neurological Disorders Carlos Cruchaga and Celeste Karch  Miranda Portwine
 IDDRC Symposium  spring  IDDRC    Donna Wegner
 Kipnis Lecture  spring  Dept of Developmental Biology    Toni Hill
 Kornfeld Lecture  spring (Jan)  Divisions of Hematology & Oncology    
 Korsmeyer Lecture  spring  Siteman Cancer Center    Brandy Gee
 Koster Lecture  spring (June)  CIMED  Colin Nichols  Paula Reynolds
 Levy Lecture  spring  Dept of Neurology  Beau Ances Christine McIntosh
Markey Retreat spring (Apr) Lucille P. Markey Special Emphasis Pathyway in Human Pathobiology   Jeanne Silvestrini
Microbiology Retreat   Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Retreat    
 MO Valley Child Neurology Colloquium  spring (every 3 years)  Dept of Neurology Bradley Schlaggar  Lori Nichols
MSTP Retreat spring (Apr) Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)    Christy Durbin
Neurofibromatosis Symposium spring Neurofibromatosis Center David Gutmann Kirsten Brouillet
 O'Leary Compeititon  spring  McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, McDonnell Center for Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology  Chris Weihl  Shonda Cunningham
 Sansone Lecture  spring  Dept of Psychiatry  C. Robert Cloninger  Kate Money
 Shobe Lecture  spring  Dept of Psychiatry    Julie Follman
 Stephen Lecture  spring  Dept of Anesthesiology    Sue Kinder
 Terry Lecture  spring  Dept of Anatomy & Neurobiology Azad Bonni  Debra Pfeiffer
 Tolmach Symposium  spring  Dept of Radiation Oncology   Cynthia Marich
 Trotter Lecture  varies  Dept of Anatomy & Neurobiology Azad Bonni  Debra Pfeiffer