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Specialized Programs and Pathways

There are numerous opportunities for specialized training at Washington University.  These programs differ as to whether they are open to undergraduates, graduate/medical students, post docs, and/or fellows.  Click the links below for more information. 


Trainees Training Grant
Biomedical Training in Alcoholism Research Andrew Heath
(WUSTL Psychiatry)
Cancer Biology Pathway
Lee Ratner
(WUSTL Medicine)

PhD, MD/PhD students
Post docs

Child Health Research Center in Developmental Biology Alan Schwartz (WUSTL Pediatrics) Post docs (MD or MD/PhD) NICHD K12
Cognitive, Computational and Systems Neuroscience (CCSN) Pathway    PhD, MD/PhD students  
Doctoral Training Program in Movement Science  Michael Mueller (WUSTL Physical Therapy) PhD, MD/PhD students
Post docs
Early Emotional Development Program  Joan Luby
(WUSTL Psychiatry)
Undergraduate students  
Imaging Sciences Pathway  Carolyn Anderson 
(WUSTL Radiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
PhD, MD/PhD students  
Infectious Disease Scholars Gateway   PhD, MD/PhD students  
Innovation Acceleration Partnership Program (Washington University OTM and Skandalaris Center)      
Interface in Psychology, Neuroscience and Genetics  Deanna Barch 
(WUSTL Psychology)
 PhD, MD/PhD students NIGMS T32
Kauffman Fellowship Pathway in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship    PhD, MD/PhD students  
Lucille P. Markey Special Emphasis Pathway in Human Pathobiology    PhD, MD/PhD students
Post docs
Molecular Engineering and Biophysics Pathway    PhD, MD/PhD students  
Multicenter Career Development Program for Physical and Occupational Therapy  Michael Mueller
(WUSTL Physical Therapy)
Nervous System Development and Injury  David Holtzman (WUSTL Neurology)  Post docs (MD or MD/PhD) NINDS T32
Neurological Sciences Academic Development Award  Bradley Schlaggar
(WUSTL Neurology)
 Post docs (MD or MD/PhD) NINDS K12
Pediatric Neuro Critical Care Program  Jose Pineda
(WUSTL Pediatrics)
Pediatric Neuro Oncology Program  Josh Rubin
(WUSTL Pediatrics)
Jeffrey Leonard (WUSTL Neurosurgery)
Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) Program Carl Craver
(WUSTL Philosophy)
 Undergraduate students
 PhD, MD/PhD students
Physician Researchers in Ophthalmic Sciences Michael Kass
(WUSTL Ophthalmology)
  Post docs (MD or MD/PhD) NEI K12
Research Training Program in the Vision Sciences David Beebe
(WUSTL Ophthalmology)
PhD, MD/PhD students
Post docs
Systems and Molecular Neurobiology Paul Taghert
(WUSTL Anatomy & Neurobiology)
 PhD, MD/PhD students NIGMS T32
Training of the Pediatric Physician Scientist Alan Schwartz
(WUSTL Pediatrics)
Post docs (MD or MD/PhD) NICHD T32
Training Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology Jim Skeath
(WUSTL Genetics)
 PhD, MD/PhD students NIGMS T32