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Workshops on Research Resources

The P30 Neuroscience Blueprint Core and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) are co-hosting a series of monthly workshops to highlight resources available to the scientific community.   Each of these workshops provides an opportunity for investigators to learn more about shared resources, provide feedback, and participate in discussions to help gauge unmet needs. 

Click on links below to see handouts from past workshops, including additional information and contacts.

Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Schedule

September 2, 2009Functional Assessment (Animal Behavior; In Vivo Physiology; In Vitro Physiology; 
           Pain; Sensory)
October 7, 2009: Neuroimaging (Alafi, Bakewell, and Biology facilities)
November 4, 2009Viral Vectors (see also table of viral vectors)
December 2, 2009: NeuroProteomics
February 3, 2010: Biomedical Informatics; Biospecimen and Clinical Data Acquisition
March 3, 2010: RNAi (see also Lab Protocols on the Stewart Lab website)
April 7, 2010Animal Models
May 5, 2010Transgenic Vectors; Mouse Genetics
June 2, 2010Laboratory for Clinical Genomics; Genome Technology Access Center: Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing

Fall 2010 Schedule
Workshops are on the second Wednesday of the month, 2-3p, Farrell 214

September 8, 2010: ICTS Overview; Regulatory Support Center; Human Genetics & Genomics
October 13, 2010: Human & Mouse Linked Evaluation of Tumors; Research Design & Biostatistics Group;                Translational Cardiovascular Tissue Core
November 10, 2010: Center for Applied Research Sciences; Human Imaging Unit; Brain, Behavior &                          Performance Unit
December 8, 2010: Center for Economic Evaluation in Medicine; Business Development Core; Proteomics              & Mass Spectrometry