Children who battle mothers may struggle to find purpose as adults, study finds

Parent-child conflict in elementary years may hamper ‘adulting’ in early 20s From the WashU Newsroom… Children who have more conflict in relationships with their mothers during early years of elementary school may find it more difficult to find a sense of purpose in life as they reach adulthood, suggests new research from Washington University in […]

Science-based tips for a better, happier New Year

A positive psychologist’s guide to choosing, keeping life-changing resolutions From the WashU Newsroom… There is no secret to happiness, but there is a science to it, says Tim Bono, a psychology lecturer in Arts & Sciences who teaches courses on happiness at  Washington University in St. Louis. In his recent book, “When Likes Aren’t Enough: […]

For better multiple-choice tests, avoid tricky questions, study finds

From the WashU Newsroom… Multiple-choice tests and quizzes are an effective tool for: a) assessing a student’s mastery of facts and concepts; b) helping students learn and retain facts and concepts. While some educators might see this as a trick question, the correct answer appears to be: c) all of the above, suggests new research […]

Unless we spot changes, most life experiences are fabricated from memories

Change detection plays key role in how we construct reality, new model suggests From the WashU Newsroom… We may not be able to change recent events in our lives, but how well we remember them plays a key role in how our brains model what’s happening in the present and predict what is likely to […]