Alzheimer’s blood tests more likely to misdiagnose Black patients, study finds

Several blood tests used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease are less accurate for African Americans than white patients, according to research from Washington University. The gold standard for Alzheimer’s diagnosis typically involves brain imaging and spinal fluid testing, but in recent years, biotech companies have developed an array of cheaper, less invasive blood tests to detect […]

Daylight saving time year-round would make our lives worse, Wash U expert says

The U.S. Senate passed a bill last week that would make daylight saving time permanent. If it gains full congressional approval, the change would take place in fall 2023 and would keep evenings lighter year-round, eliminating the seasonal adjustments of springing forward and falling back to move in and out of standard time. Many rejoiced. […]

Laughing Gas Can Provide Relief For Depression, Study Finds

When Laura Hely’s psychiatrist told her about a Washington University-based study related to depression, Hely didn’t hesitate to sign on to participate. After trying many medications and other treatment methods over the years to no avail, she was “desperate for anything that might help” her own condition. And so several years ago, she agreed to […]

COVID Survivors Hope Experimental Therapy Will Help Them Learn To Smell Again

Elizabeth Tesson remembers the exact moment she lost her sense of smell, the day after she tested positive for COVID-19. “I got a very odd feeling in my nose, like a burning sensation in my sinuses and along my cheeks,” said Tesson, who lives in St. Louis County. “About an hour and a half later, […]

A Wash U Professor Explains Why Daylight Saving Time Is Bad For Us

This weekend, weary Halloween revelers across the U.S. will dutifully set their clocks to “fall back” — signaling the end of daylight saving time for 2020. The annual ritual may give some people an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night, but for others, including parents of young children and shift workers, it’s an annoying […]

How To Safeguard Mental Health As Pandemic Becomes ‘A Really Long Haul’

It was one thing to navigate the initial stress and disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic. And early on, as people looked for ways to guard mental well-being amid big changes, many realized that it helped to have a sense of horizon in sight. “I can shelter in place for a month” and “One semester at […]

Lent, Self-Control And Some Tips For More Successful Attempts At Lifestyle Changes

’Tis the season for attempted lifestyle changes and vice-forsaking of all sorts. For the more resolute, perhaps a new 2020 goal has really started to stick after two months of hard-fought discipline. Others, particularly many Christians, are just beginning to give something up for Lent, a 40-day period leading up to the celebration of Easter. […]

These St. Louis Scientists Are Shaking Human Brains To Study Head Trauma

Philip Bayly has spent years trying to figure out the best way to jiggle a brain. The mechanical engineer is part of a team of researchers at Washington University studying how a jolt to the head can shake the brain — the kind of injury a football player suffers when crashing into an opponent. Using […]

Wash U Researchers Find Blood Test Can Detect Early Alzheimer’s Symptoms

For years, doctors have used an expensive brain scan to detect symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. But researchers at Washington University have found that a simple blood test could be similarly effective, according to a study published this month in the journal Neurology. A blood test to diagnose early symptoms could help make finding a cure […]