VIRTUAL Anesthesiology Research Data Blitz: Yusuke Sugasawa (WashU Anesthesiology), Nisa Ibrahim (Moron-Concepcion lab, WashU Anesthesiology)

May 28, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Zoom conference (Virtual)

Yusuke Sugasawa: “Structural basis of cholesterol action on TMEM16 scramblases”
Nisa Ibrahim: “Assessing pian-induced changes in the dorsal hippocampus – nucleus accumbens connectivity and reinforcing behavor”

This is an informal ‘work-in-progress’ session presented by Anesthesiology graduate students and postdocs.

The “Data Blitz” style of presentation is a condensed 3-5 minute overview of a current project with emphasis on the latest data and ideas for the future. Everyone, especially faculty, is invited to come and participate in the discussion.

Hosted by Anesthesiology Research Divisions

For inquiries contact Amber Spies.