Autism Seminar: Peter Tsai (UT Southwestern)

April 16, 2018
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
McDonnell Sciences 928 (Medical Campus)

“Cerebro-Cerebellar Circuits in Autism”

Dr. Tsai is an Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical School, where his laboratory is focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of synapse and neural circuit development, with a specific focus on genes implicated in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The lab is interested in delineating the neuronal circuitry underlying these disorders with a particular interest in the cerebellar circuits that contribute to these disorders. To address these questions, the lab utilizes a number of mouse models in combination with neurophysiology, imaging, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology techniques.

The series brings in WashU faculty and other experts across disciplines whose research has particular implications for interventions in Autism. Each lecture lasts about 45 minutes, with the remaining time allotted to interactions and discussion with attendees. Appetizers and drinks are provided.

Speaker information and reading materials for preparation of each series will be sent out in the weeks leading up to each session.

All meetings will again be held in McDonnell Sciences Building, Room 928 on the third Monday of the month.

For inquiries contact Daniel Gray.

For additional information as well as the full schedule, click here.

Series hosted by: Drs. Azad Bonni and John Constantino