Cell Biology and Physiology Seminar: Daniela Quail (McGill University, Montreal) – “Harnessing the tumour immune microenvironment to combat cancer”

May 2, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
McDonnell Sciences 423 (Medical Campus)

“Harnessing the tumour immune microenvironment to combat cancer”

Hosted by the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

Abstract: The tumour immune microenvironment (TIME) strongly influences disease progression, from primary tumour growth to establishment of metastatic lesions. As clinical applications for immunotherapy are on the rise, understanding how to harness the immune system to combat cancer at different stages of disease is gaining significant attention in research. Many of these research efforts have been focused on the adaptive immune system, yet there is untapped translational value in leveraging innate effector functions within the myeloid compartment, which is highly abundant within tumours. The Quail lab studies the regulatory mechanisms of myeloid maturation and recruitment into tumours, and tests the hypothesis that targeting specific myeloid states in cancer can be effective against disease progression. By utilizing highly multiplex immune profiling technologies, we are able to gain insight into the vast heterogeneity of myeloid identities within tissues, with the goal of unveiling new strategies to target myeloid populations and enhance immunotherapy responses.

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