Developmental Biology Seminar: Marian Ros (Instituto de Biomedicina y Biotecnología de Cantabria) – “Deciphering the role of Lmx1b in Limb Development, Evolution and Regeneration”

March 29, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Needleman Library (Medical Campus, South Building 3907)

“Deciphering the role of Lmx1b in Limb Development, Evolution and Regeneration”

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Hosted by the Department of Developmental Biology

Abstract: The DV organization of the limb morphology is crucial for its function; however, little is known about how it is implemented during morphogenesis. Lmx1b is the key regulator of DV limb patterning as it is both necessary and sufficient to specify dorsal limb pattern. However, how Lmx1b expression is regulated and how it controls the transcription of its direct target genes to instruct DV pattern remain poorly defined. To fill this gap, we are currently analyzing the Lmx1b regulatory landscape and its downstream transcriptional network during limb development. Based on our discovery that the double ventral limbs that form in the absence of Lmx1b are unable to lift the body weight and useless for locomotion, we hypothesized that the elaboration of DV limb asymmetries may have been central to the fin to limb transition. Considering that animal forms evolved largely by altering the regulation of key developmental genes, we are exploring the evolution of Lmx1b enhancers in fish species. Finally, we used the double ventral non-claw-bearing digits of our mutants to study how nails and the DV polarity of the digits impact the regeneration of the digit tip. This is an important area of research because of its therapeutic potential for epimorphic regeneration in mammals.

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