Erlanger-Gasser Lecture: Jonathan Weissman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

December 4, 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Medical Campus

Hosted by the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

The Erlanger-Gasser Lectures were initiated in 1989 to commemorate the contributions made by Joseph Erlanger and Herbert Gasser to Physiology and Medicine. Erlanger and Gasser won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1944 for the introduction of the oscilloscope to study of electrical activity in the nerve, a technical breakthrough that led ultimately to the measurement of ionic currents and the mechanism of action potential. The department hosts a yearly Erlanger-Gasser Lecture as an opportunity to honor these two pioneering scientists and to bring luminaries in biomedical science to describe their achievements to a wide audience from around the medical school.

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