Foreign Language Learning Colloquium Workshop: Luke Plonksy (Northern Arizona University)

March 6, 2018
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Women’s Building Formal Lounge (Danforth Campus)

“Nature and Nurture in the L2 Classroom: What Can Language Teachers Do To Influence and Improve Individual Learner Differences?”

Abstract:  With theoretical and empirical findings as a backdrop, this workshop will outline our current understanding of the role of IDs in L2 development. Working our way through a set of core IDs (e.g., anxiety, strategies, motivation), I will emphasize both (a) their importance with respect to explaining variability in L2 achievement/proficiency and (b) what practicing teachers can do—beyond L2 instruction—to improve language learners’ efforts in their classrooms. My hope is that language teachers and researchers who attend this workshop will walk away with a better understanding of their learners and of concrete ways to help them.