Cancelled – Hope Center/Neurology Noon Seminar: Ream Al-Hasani (WashU Anesthesiology)

January 29, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Holden Auditorium (Farrell LTC, Medical Campus)

“Dissecting endogenous opioid systems in motivated behaviors”

Mini-Series: Addiction and Reward System
Organizer, Michael Bruchas (WashU Anesthesiology)

Full Schedule:

  • January 8: Julia Lemos (University of Minnesota) “Restructuring of basal ganglia circuitry and associated behaviors triggered by low striatal D2 receptor expression: implications for substance use disorders”
  • January 22: Jose Moron-Concepcion (WashU Anesthesiology) “Opioid-induced plasticity and the intersection with pain”
  • January 29: Ream Al-Hasani (WashU Anesthesiology) “Dissecting endogenous opioid systems in motivated behaviors”
  • February 5: Ilya Monosov (WashU Dept. of Neuroscience) “Why would you want to know? Brain networks for uncertainty reduction”

The Monday Noon seminar series is hosted by the WashU Hope Center for Neurological Disorders and the Department of Neurology.

Visit the Hope Center Monday Noon Seminars webpage for the full schedule.

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