Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club: Pat Sheehan (Musiek Lab, WashU Neurology), Maria Sorkin (Nusinow Lab, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center)

April 5, 2019
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
BJC Institute of Health 9AB (Medical Campus)

Pat Sheehan: “Loss of Bmal1 suppresses pathology in a tauopathy model”
Maria Sorkin: “Where does the time go…and how does it get there? Identification of a novel interaction between a transport protein and core circadian clock transcription factors”

The Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club meets the 1st Friday of every month and discusses recent publications and data related to biological timing.

For inquiries please contact Jan Konrad or questions can also be directed to Erik Herzog, Paul Shaw, Paul Taghert, Istvan Kiss, Jeff Haspel, Michael Hughes or Dmitri Nusinow.