VIRTUAL Neuroimaging in Health and Disease Seminar: Susan Resnick (National Institute on Aging/NIH) – “Predictors of Cognitive Impairment and Resilience: The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) and Beyond”

April 21, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Zoom conference (Virtual)

“Predictors of Cognitive Impairment and Resilience: The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) and Beyond”

Hosted by Dean Wong (WashU Radiology)

Brief Bio: Dr. Resnick received her Ph.D. in Differential Psychology and Behavioral Genetics from the University of Minnesota and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging at the University of Pennsylvania. She was Research Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania prior to joining the Intramural Research Program of the NIA in 1992. She is Chief of the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience and the Brain Aging and Behavior Section at the NIA. Dr. Resnick initiated the neuroimaging substudy of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) in
1994 and studies cognitive and brain aging in health and disease, with a focus on early markers of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. She also serves as NIA Project Officer for the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study (WHIMS) Suite of Studies, which assess cognitive decline and risk for dementia in women previously randomized to postmenopausal hormone therapy versus placebo through the WHI randomized clinical trials.

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