Annual Neuroscience Retreat: Nicole Calakos (Duke University), Steven Petersen (WashU Neurology)

October 11, 2018 and October 12, 2018
9:00 am
Trout Lodge (13528 State Highway AA, Potosi, MO 63664)

Nicole Calakos: “Found in Translation: The twisty path to discovering a common pathway mechanism for dystonia”
Steven Petersen: “Science is not consensus: surprises from 32 years of neuroimaging”

The Annual Neuroscience Retreat is organized by graduate students across programs and departments, and intended to foster scientific and social interaction among students, post docs, and faculty in the WashU Neuroscience community.

The Retreat will be held at Trout Lodge in Potosi, MO.

Note that the Retreat begins Thursday morning with a full-day program, and ends on Friday after lunch. Visit the Neuroscience Retreat webpage for all the information.


Thursday, October 11

8:00am        Continental Breakfast

9:00 am       Room check-in begins

9:45am        Welcome, Opening Remarks

9:50am       Short Talks, Session One

  • Tamara Markovic (Neuroscience Program; Moron-Concepcion Lab, WashU Anesthesiology)- “Decrease in dopamine neurotransmission drives pain-induced negative affect”
  • James Johnson (Physics Program; Wessel Lab, WashU Physics) – “Isolating stimulus information from single whole-cell recordings in the visual cortex of awake mice using dimensionality expansion”
  • Dillan Newbold (Neuroscience Program; Dosenbach Lab, WashU Neurology) – “Limb constraint drives dramatic reorganization of human brain networks”
  • Yao Chen, PhD (Assistant Professor, WashU Department of Neuroscience) – “Unexpected lessons from imaging neuromodulator-induced signals”

10:50am       Break

11:00am       Keynote Speaker: Steven Petersen, PhD (WashU Neurology) – “Science is not consensus: surprises from 32 years of neuroimaging”

12:00pm       Lunch and Table Topics

1:30pm         Sports Break; Set up Posters in Rec Center

4:00pm         Introduction of first year grad students – ALL PROGRAMS

4:15pm         Short Talks, Session Two

  • Lisa McIlvried, PhD (Gereau Lab, WashU Anesthesiology) – “Intrinsic homeostatic plasticity in mouse and human peripheral nociceptors”
  • Stephanie Schultz (Neuroscience Program; Benzinger Lab, WashU Radiology) – “Within-person rate of change in blood neurofilament light chain predicts neurodegeneration and
    disease progression in presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease”
  • Brian Lananna (Neuroscience Program; Musiek Lab, WashU Neurology) – “The astrocytic circadian clock gates neuroinflammation, and neuronal health through regulation of
    Alzheimer’s Disease biomarker Chi3|1 (YKL-40)”
  • Manu Goyal (Assistant Professor, WashU Radiology) – “Neuroimaging and the art of brain maintenance”

5:15pm         Dinner

6:30pm         Poster Session: Odd Number Posters

7:30pm         Poster Session: Even Number Posters

8:30pm         Retreat Party & NeurOlympics

Friday, October 12

8:00am         Breakfast; Room checkout NO LATER THAN 11:30am

9:45am         Short Talks, Session Three

  • Hailun Li (Neuroscience Program; DiAntonio Lab, WashU Developmental Biology) – “A neuromodulatory circuit regulating the glial capacity to buffer K+”
  • Mitsukuni Yoshida (Neuroscience Program; Imai Lab, WashU Developmental Biology) – “Exosome-mediated systemic delivery of eNAMPT delays aging and extends healthspan through the enhancement of hypothalamic functions”
  • Alex Cammack (Neuroscience Program; Miller Lab, WashU Neurology) – “Transposon-mediated, cell type-specific transcription factor profiling in the mouse brain”
  • Thomas Papouin, PhD (Assistant Professor, WashU Neuroscience) – “Let’s look at the stars!”

10:45am         Break; Room checkout NO LATER THAN 11:30am

11:00am         Keynote Speaker: Nicole Calakos, MD, PhD (Duke University) – “Found in Translation: The twisty path to discovering a common pathway mechanism for dystonia”

12:00pm         Retreat Conclusion/Lunch