Siteman Cancer Center Oncologic Imaging Program Forum: Mark Anastasio, Quing Zhu (WashU Biomedical Engineering), Matthew Lew (WashU Electrical & Systems Engineering)

February 13, 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Erlanger Room, McDonnell Sciences 1st floor (Medical Campus)

“Engineering Solutions to Medical Cancer Problems” 


  • Mark Anastasio, PhD – Professor, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences: “Computational Approaches to Oncologic Imaging Problems”
  • Matthew Lew, PhD – Assistant Professor, Electrical & Systems Engineering: “Single-Molecule Probes and Computational Optics for Imaging Activity on the Nanoscale”
  • Quing Zhu, PhD – Professor, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences: “Engineering Solutions of Non-invasive Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and Treatment Assessment of Breast cancers”

This lunch forum is sponsored by the Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital and WashU School of Medicine.

Boxed lunches available at 11:30 in the Shell Lobby.

For inquiries contact Paige Isom.