HYBRID Rett Spectrum Conference Family Education Symposium: Robert Rudock (WashU Neurology), John Killian (Ascension Medical Group), Larry Opinsky (Special Needs Advocate)

October 21, 2022
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Zoom/Eric P. Newman Education Center, Great Rooms A,B (EPNEC; Medical Campus)

Robert Rudock: “Improving Sleep in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders”
John Killian: “Orthopedic Conditions Associated with Rett Syndrome”
Larry Opinsky: “Presumed COMPETENCE-IEPs for K-12”

The Rett Spectrum Conference Series 5th Annual Family Education Symposium is a free event.

Sponsored by:
The Washington University Department of Neurology / Rett Spectrum Clinic
The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center at Washington University
St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Golf FORE! Ellie