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Clinical fellow Findlay, grad student Rosenthal receive 2019 Hope Center Awards

Each year, the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders recognizes investigators who are early in their training and whose work best fulfills the mission of the Hope Center: To improve the lives of people living with neurological disorders, through collaborative research that aims to discover fundamental mechanisms of neurodegeneration and repair, and translate that new understanding into cures and treatments.

Winners are selected based on presentations at the Annual Hope Center Retreat.  The quality of the research and the presentations at this year’s retreat were truly outstanding.

Congratulations to the 2019 Hope Center Award winners!

Andrew Findlay
, a clinical fellow in the lab of Chris Weihl
“Lithium chloride corrects weakness and myopathology in a preclinical model of LGMD1D”

Zachary Rosenthal
, a grad student in the lab of Jin-Moo Lee
“Local perturbations in cortical excitability propagate differentially through large-scale functional networks”


Hope Center Award winners will receive a $1000 award and present their work at the final Monday Noon Seminar on June 10, 2019.