Bishop Lecture

In honor of George Holman Bishop, a pioneer in experimental neurology.


2024 George H. Bishop Lecture

June 13, 2024

Holtzman Symposium and George H. Bishop Lecture in Experimental Neurology 

Join the Department of Neurology in celebrating the contributions to our field of our former department chair, Dr. David M. Holtzman.

8:00 AM – 5:00 pm | Eric P. Newman Education Center Auditorium

George Holman Bishop joined the Washington University School of Medicine faculty in 1923 at the age of 34. He made essential contributions to studies of the compound action potential for which Erlanger and Gasser were awarded the Nobel Prize. His scientific interests were wide ranging and included correlating conduction velocities and nerve fiber diameters, analyses of the bases of cortical evoked potentials especially in the visual cortex, the role of dendrites in the production of cortical electrical activity, the peripheral and central bases for pain perception, and comparative phylogenetic analyses of central brain pathways.

Dr. Bishop was a critical, highly regarded and beloved colleague at Washington University and in the international community of neurophysiologists. He was known for his exceptional practical abilities, inside and outside the laboratory, his basic modesty, remarkable way with words and wonderful sense of humor. The George H. Bishop lectureship is the oldest named lectureship in basic neuroscience at Washington University.

The annual bishop lecture is hosted by the Department of Neurology.

Read the National Academy of Sciences biographical memoir of Dr. Bishop, written by Dr. William Landau.

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