O’Leary Guest Judge and Lecturer

Each year, a former recipient of the James L. O’Leary Prize for Research in Neuroscience is invited to be a guest judge at the competition, and also present the annual O’Leary Lecture.

The 2020 O’Leary Guest Judge/Lecturer will be Robert Burgess (The Jackson Laboratory), winner of a 2001 O’Leary Prize as a Post Doc in Josh Sanes’ lab (WashU Anatomy & Neurobiology (Dept. of Neuroscience)).

2020 O’Leary Prize Competition: Tuesday, March 3

2020 O’Leary Lecture (Robert Burgess (The Jackson Laboratory)): Wednesday, March 4

Previous O'Leary Lectures

2019: Eric Leuthardt, MD

2018: Catherine Collins, PhD

2017: John Fryer, PhD

2016: Malu Tansey, PhD

2015: Jeff Neil, MD, PhD

2014: Steve Mennerick, PhD

2013: Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD

2012: Maria Donoghue, PhD

2011: Randy Buckner, PhD

2010: Jonathan Mink, MD, PhD

2009: Tom Carmichael, MD, PhD

2008: Alison Strack, PhD

2007: Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD