COVID-19 School of Medicine

Loss of smell and taste can be only signs of coronavirus

Doctors are learning the loss of smell and taste are affecting about half of the coronavirus cases and some people may have those only two symptoms and no fever or body aches.  Fox 2’s Mandy Murphey spoke with Dr. Jay Piccirillo a professor of otolaryngology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  He says loss of smell can be associated with other viruses such as the common cold but it’s more prevalent in coronavirus.  Dr. Piccirillo says the research from other countries including here in the U.S. is finding people under the age of 40 may experience a sudden loss of smell or taste and no other coronavirus symptoms.  Doctors are saying if this sudden loss of senses happen to you, you should consider yourself as having coronavirus.  You should quarantine and notify your employer and others you’ve come into contact with.  

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