A multidisciplinary conversation among national and local experts in science and medicine, economics, law, and social work

The field of Neuroscience is increasingly integrated on topics of health, welfare, and criminal justice. Scientific understanding of brain maturity has been an important consideration in determining the appropriate sentence for convicted juvenile offenders. Likewise, social and neuroscience tools are being applied to determine the relationship between brain development and socio-economic status.

Our Advisory Committee on Brain Development, Law and Policy includes Washington University faculty members who are neuroscientists, psychologists, and physicians, as well as academics in the fields of Law and of Social Work.  Supported by a Bring Your Own Idea (BYOI) Award from the Office of the Provost, this committee convened to plan a conference and decide next steps. We are grateful for that institutional support, and look forward to continuing these efforts towards greater transparency and improved information flow between scientists and policy makers. 

Anneliese Schaefer, JD PhD
Director, Office of Neuroscience Research

Advisory Committee: Brain Development, Law & Policy

Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD

Office of Neuroscience Research; WashU Neurology

Susan Appleton, JD

WashU School of Law

Deanna Barch, PhD

WashU Psychological & Brain Sciences

John Constantino, MD

WashU Psychiatry

Patrick Fowler, PhD

WashU Brown School

Erik Herzog, PhD

WashU Biology

Trish Kohl, PhD

WashU Brown School

Joan Luby, MD

WashU Psychiatry

Marcus Raichle, MD

WashU Radiology

Cynthia Rogers, MD

WashU Psychiatry

Bradley Schlaggar, MD, PhD

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Desirée White, PhD

WashU Psychological & Brain Sciences