Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD


Research Topics

  • Autism
  • Development of language and social cognition
  • Social motivation
  • Emotion regulation in early childhood
  • Biomarkers of child psychiatric disorders
  • Neuroimaging

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Publications on brain development, law, and policy

Use of a video scoring anchor for rapid serial assessment of social communication in toddlers

Natasha Marrus, Stefanie Kennon-McGill, Brooke Harris, Yi Zhang, Anne L. Glowinski, John N. Constantino. Journal of Visualized Experiments, Volume 2018, Issue 133, 14 March 2018, Article number e57041

Subcortical Brain and Behavior Phenotypes Differentiate Infants With Autism Versus Language Delay

Swanson, M.R.[…] Natasha Marrus, Kelly Botteron […], IBIS Network: […] John Constantino, John Pruett, […]: Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, Volume 2, Issue 8, November 2017, Pages 664-672.