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Policy Report Details Ways to Address Child Mental Health in Uganda

From the WashU Brown School News

At the request of the Parliament of Uganda, a three-part policy report detailing evidence-based policies that would successfully address child and adolescent mental health in the country was issued by the Brown School’s ICHAD (International Center for Child Health and Development), the SMART Africa Center (Strengthening Mental Health and Research Training) and the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, in partnership with ChildFund Uganda.

“In Uganda, over half of the population is under the age of 18. Therefore, it is critical that mental health legislation include specific provisions for children and adolescents,” said Fred Ssewamala, founding director ICHAD, co-director of the SMART Africa Center, and William E. Gordon Distinguished Professor.

In the report, three key areas for intervention were identified: prevention and early intervention, workforce training, and asset-based economic development aimed at addressing poverty.

Gary Parker, director of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute and associate dean for external affairs, stated: “Using the most recent empirical research findings, this report provides policymakers and legislators a roadmap guiding future laws and regulations that can improve the health and well-being of Uganda’s children.”

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