Unlocking the secrets of the human brain

Researchers in The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences are using cutting-edge techniques to help us weather the challenges of everyday life. Human behaviors and emotions can be as complex as any force of nature. From our biggest life choices to the subtle thoughts we barely notice, our minds are always at work.  Inspired by […]

A surprising ingredient for improved visual focus? Distraction.

Trying to find a needle in a haystack? A new study by researchers in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences suggests a little distraction could be a good thing. Whether we’re looking for our favorite cereal at the grocery store or searching for our car in the parking lot, most people know the challenge […]

Act fast to pay attention

Arts & Sciences research sheds new light on attention From the WashU Newsroom… Do you waste time in the morning looking for your keys? Try writing the word “KEYS” on a light switch you use every morning, and you might find them a little quicker. That’s a suggestion based on brain-sciences memory research at Washington University […]