School of Medicine

Tien-Phat Huynh, 2018 Poletsky Award recipient

Tien-Phat Huynh, MSTP Neuroscience program student in the David Holtzman Lab, has been honored with the 2018 Poletsky Award.

The Poletsky Award is presented annually by the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Knight ADRC) at Washington University, and is intended to enhance the career development of a promising student or fellow working towards a research, clinical and/or other service career focusing on aging and dementia. Nominees should already be involved in the aging and dementia field and making a meaningful contribution in their chosen discipline.

The Richard and Mildred Poletsky Education Fund was initiated in 1995 by the family of Mr. Richard Poletsky, a native of St. Louis and alumnus of Washington University. Mr. Poletsky worked as an electrical engineer in civil service. He and his family were dedicated to advancing the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and both Mr. and Mrs. Poletsky were active supporters of the Knight ADRC. Beginning in 1995, Mrs. Poletsky presented the award annually in memory of her husband until her death in 2016. Rhonda Banford and Sheila Glazer continue the Poletsky Award in honor of their parents.

The $1,000 award is intended to enhance ongoing education and career development. The awardee may use the funds to attend a professional conference, purchase educational materials (books, software, journal subscriptions), or pay professional dues. Items must be purchased and the cost reimbursed through the University.

Congratulations, Phat!