Hope Center Clocks and Sleep Club: Jeff Jones (Herzog lab, WashU Biology), Qianli Wang (Colonna lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology)

January 10, 2020
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
BJC Institute of Health 9AB (Medical Campus)

Jeff Jones: “Circadian circuits underlying daily rhythms in corticosterone release”
Qianli Wang:  “The roles of REV-ERBα and circadian rhythm in intestinal type 3 innate lymphoid cells”

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The Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club meets the 1st Friday of every month and discusses recent publications and data related to biological timing.

For inquiries please contact Jan Konrad or questions can also be directed to Erik Herzog, Paul Shaw, Paul Taghert, Istvan Kiss, Jeff Haspel, or Dmitri Nusinow.