Recurring events including named lectures, symposia and retreats

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Fall Events

Berg Symposiumfall (every other year)Knight ADRCDavid HoltzmanMarissa Streitz
Biochemistry, Biophysics  & Structural Biology RetreatfallBiochemistry, Biohysics & Structural Biology Program Shonda Dukes
Bohigian LectureshipfallDept of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Tracie Hughes
DBBS Distinguished Alumni SeminarfallDivision of Biology & Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) Andrew Richards
Dodge LecturefallDept of NeurologyChristina GurnettLori Nichols
Erlanger-Gasser LecturefallDept of Cell Biology & Physiology Terese Hall
Gildea LecturefallDept of Psychiatry Nichole Hernandez
Hall LecturevariesDept of Biology Amanda Zinke
Hartmann LecturevariesDept of Pediatrics Lori Nichols
Human and Statistical Genetics RetreatfallHuman and Statistical Genetics Program Sara Holmes
Immunology RetreatfallImmunology Program Melanie Relich
Kaplan LecturefallDept of Psychiatry Nichole Hernandez
Kayes LectureshipfallDept of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Tracie Hughes
Kornfeld Physician-Scientist LecturefallOliver Langenberg Physician-Scientist Training Program (Medicine)Brittni Cannella
Landau LecturefallDept of Neurology Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR)
Lee Robins LecturefallDept of Psychiatry Julie Follman
Lowry LecturefallDept of Developmental Biology Kati Riebold 
Molecular Cell Biology RetreatfallMolecular Cell Biology Program Stacy Kiel
Molecular Genetics RetreatfallMolecular Genetics & Genomics Program Melanie Relich
Moore LecturefallDivision of Hematology & Oncology  
Neuroscience RetreatfallOffice of Neuroscience ResearchAnneliese
Plant and Microbial Biosciences RetreatfallPlant and Microbial Biosciences Program Shonda Dukes
Santiago LecturefallDept of Pediatrics Lori Nichols
Seay LecturefallKnight ADRCJohn MorrisMyrtis Spencer
Senturia LectureshipfallDept of Otolaryngology Debbie Scherr
Shreffler LecturefallDept of Genetics Michelle Gibbs
Schwartz LecturefallDept of Neurosurgery Sophie Church
Williams LecturefallDept of Psychological & Brain

Spring Events

Abelson Memorial LecturespringDept of Pediatrics  
Beebe LecturespringDept of Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesSteven BassnettTracie Hughes
Bishop LecturespringDept of NeurologyJin-Moo LeeTracey Erdman
Annual Pediatric Stroke LecturespringDept of Neurology, Dept of Pediatrics Kristin GuilliamsLori Nichols
CCSN Annual LecturespringCCSNCamillo Padoa-SchioppaCarmen Horn
Coxe LecturespringDept of NeurosurgeryTS ParkMary Amann
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Retreatspring​Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Sally Vogt
Enoch LectureshipspringDept of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Tracie Hughes
Friedman Conference on AgingspringFriedman Center for AgingNancy Morrow-HowellStephanie Herbers
Freund LecturespringSiteman Cancer Center  
Goldring LecturespringDept of Neurology Ed HoganDonna Theiss
Guze Symposium on AlcoholismspringDept of Psychiatry Debra Hughes
Hamburger LecturespringDept of BiologyAmanda Zinke
Historia Medica LecturespringCenter for History of Medicine Elisabeth Brander
Hope Center RetreatspringHope Center for Neurological DisordersGeraldine Kress, Brian GordonHope Center
IDDRC SymposiumspringIDDRC Donna Wegner
Imaging Science Retreatspring Joseph CulverDana Wilhelm
Kipnis LecturespringDept of Developmental Biology Toni Hill
Kass LectureshipspringDept of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Tracie Hughes
Klippel LecturespringDept of Emergency Medicine
Kornfeld LecturespringDivision of Hematology & Oncology  
Korsmeyer LecturespringSiteman Cancer Center Lori Mizell
Koster LecturespringCIMEDColin NicholsPaula Reynolds
Levy LecturespringDept of NeurologyBeau AncesChristine McIntosh
Markey RetreatspringLucille P. Markey Special Emphasis Pathyway in Human Pathobiology Sara Holmes
Robert P. Mecham Distinguished LectureshipspringDept of Cell Biology & PhysiologyTerese Hall
Microbiology RetreatspringMolecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Retreat Sara Holmes
MO Valley Child Neurology ColloquiumspringDept of Neurology Lori Nichols
MSTP RetreatspringMedical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Christy Durbin
Neurofibromatosis SymposiumspringNeurofibromatosis CenterDavid GutmannAmy Pridmore
Ogura LectureshipspringDept of
O’Leary Competition and O’Leary LecturespringMcDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, McDonnell Center for Cellular & Molecular NeurobiologyErik Musiek
Rose LecturespringProgram in Physical Therapy  
Sansone LecturespringDept of PsychiatryC. Robert Cloninger 
Simms LecturespringDept of Molecular MicrobiologyMersiha Menkovic
Spector LectureshipspringDept of
Stephen LecturespringDept of Anesthesiology Maureen Arends
Stickle LectureshipspringDept of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Tracie Hughes
Terry LecturespringDept of NeuroscienceLinda RichardsErica Gibbs
Thurston Award and LecturespringSLCH and the IDDRCChristina GurnettDorothy Campbell
Tolmach SymposiumspringDept of Radiation Oncology  
Trotter LecturevariesDept of NeuroscienceLinda RichardsErica Gibbs
Varner LecturespringDept of Biology Amanda Zinke
Yin LecturespringDept of Biomedical Engineering Lori SettonKaren Teasdale