See below for a general schedule of seminars, journal clubs, and other weekly and monthly events

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Individual events are listed on the ONR Calendar.


Events time location frequency faculty coordinator admin coord/contact
Biology Seminars  4:00p Rebstock 322 weekly    
Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center (CBAC) Seminars  4:30p Whitaker Hall 218 weekly Yoram Rudy
Ion Channels Journal Club  1:00p  BJC-IH 9AB weekly Colin Nichols Paula Reynolds
Issues in Aging Seminars 12:00p varies monthly    
Developmental Biology Seminars 12:00p Needleman Library weekly Andrew Yoo Kati Riebold
Hope Center/Neurology Monday Noon Seminars 12:00p Holden Auditorium weekly John Cirrito Cindy Lawrence
Hope Center – PI Chalk Talk 12:00p BJC-IH 9AB Select Mondays Anneliese Schaefer Jan Konrad
IDDRC Seminars  4:00p McDonnell Sciences 928 monthly John Constantino, 
Paul Taghert
Daniel Gray
Immunology Program Research Seminars  4:15p Connor Auditorium weekly    
Psychological & Brain Sciences Department Colloquium  4:00p Wilson 214 Varies    


Events time location frequency faculty coordinator admin coord/contact
Anesthesiology Research Seminars  4:00p CSRB-North Tower Addition 401 weekly   Amber Spies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics (BMB) Seminars 10:30a McDonnell Sciences 264 weekly   Melissa Torres
Hope Center Axon Injury & Repair Group  4:00p McDonnell Sciences 928 monthly (1st) Valeria Cavalli Jan Konrad
Biophysical Evenings  5:30p Holden Auditorium monthly   Jayma Mikes
Cell Biology & Physiology Seminars  3:00p McDonnell Science 426  weekly   Terese Hall
Imaging Interest Group (IIG)  11:00a Somers Hall 412 (Danforth Campus) most Tuesdays
(check calendar)
Jonathan Peelle  
Knight ADRC Seminars 12:00p East Pavilion Auditorium weekly John Morris Jennifer Phillips
Psychological & Brain Sciences Clinical Science Seminars  4:00p Somers Family Hall 216 Monthly    
Psychiatry Grand Rounds  9:00a Clopton Auditorium weekly Charles Zorumski, Gene Rubin Cindy Hartwig


Events time location frequency faculty coordinator admin coord/contact
CNND Basic Science Meetings 9:00a Choi Conf. Rm, McMillan monthly
Robyn Klein Claudia Cantoni
CRM Human Stem Cell Differentiation and Reprogramming WIP 3:30p Zoom conference monthly
Angela Bowman
Glia Group 12:00p BJC-IH 9AB every other week Celia McKee
Hope Center Protein
Aggregation & Neurodegeneration Group
 8:30a BJC-IH 9AB monthly (2nd) Chris Weihl Jan Konrad
Hope Center NeuroRestorative Therapy Group  4:00p Choi Conference Room monthly (1st) Hiroko Yano,
Albert Kim, Fumihiko Urano
Megan Fenlon
Jan Konrad
Hope Center Neurovascular Injury & Repair Group  4:00p BJC-IH 9AB monthly (3rd) Andria Ford,
Jin-Moo Lee
Jan Konrad
Microbiome Working Group  1:00p Zoom conference monthly (3rd) Larissa Thackray
Department of Neuroscience Seminars 12:00p McDonnell Sciences 928 weekly Martha Bagnall Debbie Pfeiffer
Neuroimaging in Health and Disease  12:00p NIL Conference Room 2311 weekly Christine Pulizos
Psychiatry Research Seminars 11:00a Cori Auditorium weekly Charles Zorumski,
Gene Rubin
Cindy Hartwig
Psychological & Brain Sciences Aging/Development Brown Bag 12:00p Somers Family Hall 215 weekly
Psychological & Brain Sciences Behavior, Brain and Cognition  4:00p Somers Family Hall 216 weekly
Regeneration, Aging, and Development (RAD) Research Forum  12:00p Needleman Library weekly David Ornitz, Angela Bowman Kati Riebold


Events time location frequency faculty coordinator admin coord/contact
Biomedical Engineering (BME) Seminars 10:00a Whitaker Hall 218 weekly Lori Setton Karen Teasdale
Genetics Seminars 12:00p Connor Auditorium  weekly Joseph Dougherty Linda Lobos
Hope Center Lysosome Processing & Transport Group  3:00p BJC-IH 9AB bi-monthly (3rd) Bruno Benitez  Jan Konrad
Journal club for Experimentation and Developments in Imaging (JEDI)  4:00p Couch B117 monthly  (2nd) James Fitzpatrick, Tim Holy, Ed Han
Motor Control & Brain Plasticity Journal Club  12:00p Zoom conference bi-weekly Daniela Mattos
Vision Science Seminars  10:00a McMillan 725  weekly Shiming Chen Macey Alexander


Events time location frequency faculty coordinator admin coord/contact
CNND Clinical Neuroinfectious Diseases Interest Group  3:00p MPRB 7th Floor Conf Rm monthly
Robyn Klein Debra Warren
Center for Clinical Pharmacology Journal Club/Data Blitz  12:00p Academic & Research Building 305 monthly
  Jodi Maslin
Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club  3:30p BJC-IH 9AB  monthly (1st) Dmitri Nusinow, Paul Taghert Jan Konrad
Hope Center Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics Group  1:00p BJC Institute of Health 9AB monthly (1st) Carlos Cruchaga, Gabriel Haller Jan Konrad
Mechanisms and Diseases of Aging Journal Club  12:00p Farrell LTC 205 every other week   Lubov Ezerskiy
Neurology Grand Rounds  7:45a Connor Auditorium weekly Beau Ances Christine McIntosh
NIAC Neuroimaging Seminars  1:30p East Bldg 2311 monthly (2nd) Dan Marcus Cathy Gezella
Psychological & Brain Sciences Social & Personality Brown Bags  1:00p Somers Family Hall 215 weekly    
Psychology Graduate Student Brown Bag  12:00p Somers Family Hall 215 weekly    
Synapse Journal Club 10:00a  Biotech 129 Every other Friday Steve Mennerick, Peter Lukasiewicz Geraldine Kress
Systems Journal Club 12:00p East McDonnell 3rd floor Conference Room weekly Pablo Blazquez, Dan Moran, Ilya Monosov, Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, Carlos Ponce, Larry Snyder  
WUNIC Lectures 1:30p Zoom 2nd Friday Janine Bijsterbosch