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Eventstimelocationfrequencyfaculty coordinatoradmin coord/contact
Biology Seminars 4:00pRebstock 322weekly Amanda Zinke
Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center (CBAC) Seminars 4:30pWhitaker Hall 218weeklyYoram
Ion Channels Journal Club 1:00p BJC-IH 9ABweeklyColin NicholsPaula Reynolds
Issues in Aging Seminars12:00pvariesmonthly  
Developmental Biology Seminars12:00pNeedleman Library/ZoomweeklyMayssa Mokalled, Tony TsaiStacey Halbrook
Hope Center/Neurology Monday Noon Seminars12:00pZoom conferenceweeklyJohn CirritoHope Center
IDDRC Seminars 4:00pMcDonnell Sciences 928/ZoommonthlyChristina Gurnett, Joseph Dougherty,
Linda Richards
Anna Abbacchi
Immunology Program Research Seminars 4:15pConnor Auditoriumweekly Melanie Relich
Metabolism Journal Club3:00pFarrell LTC 205monthly
Maria Remedi
David Piston
Psychological & Brain Sciences Department Colloquium 4:00pWilson 214Varies  
Rapid Antidepressants Journal Club 3:00pCouch 2nd fl. conference room/Zoommonthly (3rd)Joshua Siegel 


Eventstimelocationfrequencyfaculty coordinatoradmin coord/contact
Anesthesiology Research Seminars 4:00pEPNEC Seminar Room A/Zoomweekly Amber Spies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics (BMB) Seminars10:30aMcDonnell Sciences 264/Zoomweekly Suesy Seel
Computational Neuroscience Club 4:00p monthly (1st)Geoffrey Goodhill 
Hope Center Axon Injury & Repair Group 4:00pNeedleman Librarymonthly (1st)Valeria CavalliHope Center
Biophysical Evenings4:00pHolden Auditoriummonthly Suesy Seel
Cell Biology & Physiology Seminars 3:00pMcDonnell Science 423 weekly Terese Hall
Knight ADRC Seminars12:00pZoom conferenceweeklyJohn MorrisMarissa Streitz
Psychological & Brain Sciences Clinical Science Seminars 4:00pSomers Family Hall 216Monthly  
Psychiatry Grand Rounds 9:00aMoore Auditorium/ZoomweeklyNuri FarberCindy Hartwig


Eventstimelocationfrequencyfaculty coordinatoradmin coord/contact
CNND Basic Science Meetings9:00aChoi Conf. Rm. / Zoom (McMillen)monthly
Michelle Potter
Developmental Neuroimaging9:00aZoom conferenceweeklyAshley Nielsen
Hope Center Neurodegeneration/ HPAN Group 8:30aBJC-IH 9AB/Zoommonthly (2nd)Jason UlrichHope Center
Hope Center NeuroRestorative Therapy Group 12:00pZoom conferencemonthly (1st)Hiroko Yano,
Albert Kim, Fumihiko Urano
Hope Center
Hope Center Neurovascular Injury & Repair Group 4:00pZoom conferencemonthly (3rd)Andria Ford,
Jin-Moo Lee
Hope Center
Microbiome Working Group 1:00pZoom conferencemonthly (3rd)Larissa Thackray 
Neuroscience Seminars12:00pMoore Auditorium/ZoomweeklyMartha BagnallMaria Simkeviciute
MIND Meeting2:00pMPRB 8101monthly
Marta Celorrio-Navarro
Neuroimaging in Health and Disease 12:00pNIL Conference Room 2311weekly Christine Pulizos
Psychiatry Research Seminars11:00aRenard 2nd floor conference room/ZoomweeklyNuri FarberCindy Hartwig
Psychological & Brain Sciences Aging/Development Brown Bag12:00pSomers Family Hall 215weekly  
Psychological & Brain Sciences Behavior, Brain and Cognition 4:00pSomers Family Hall 216weekly  
Regeneration, Aging, and Development (RAD) Research Forum 12:00pNeedleman LibraryweeklyDavid Ornitz, Erica SchellerStacey Halbrook


Eventstimelocationfrequencyfaculty coordinatoradmin coord/contact
Aging Club12:00pFarrell LTC 304bi-weeklyVirginia Hsu, Cecilia Lei
Behavior Special Topics (BeST) Meetings2:00pCouch 5001B/ Zoomevery 4 weeksSusan Maloney 
Behavior Journal Club2:00pCouch 6001B/Zoomevery 4 weeksSusan Maloney 
BIG Center Seminars4:00pConnor Auditoriumbi-weekly Nora Abduljawad, Travis Tabor
BIG Center WiP4:00pConnor Auditoriumbi-weekly Nora Abduljawad, Travis Tabor
Biomedical Engineering (BME) Seminars10:00aWhitaker Hall 218weeklyLori SettonKaren Teasdale
Genetics Seminars12:00pConnor Auditorium weeklyJoseph DoughertyDebbie Pfeiffer
Glia Journal Club12:00pFLTC 301Bi-weeklySabrina Clemens
Brendan Dang
Ana Morales Benitez
Growing Up In Science 4:00pMcDonnell Sciences 928Monthly Julia Pai
Hope Center Lysosome Processing & Transport Group 3:00pBJC-IH 9AB/ZoomMonthly
Celeste KarchHope Center
Vision Science Seminars 10:00aMcMillan 725/Zoom WeeklyTracie Hughes


Eventstimelocationfrequencyfaculty coordinatoradmin coord/contact
CNND Neuroinfectious Diseases Clinical Conference3:00pMPRB 7th floor conference roommonthly (2nd)Michelle Potter
Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club 3:30pFarrell LTC 205 / Zoommonthly (2nd)Erik Herzog, Dmitri Nusinow, Paul TaghertHope Center
Hope Center Lipid Metabolism Group 2:30pZoom conference monthly (2nd)Anil CashikarHope Center
Hope Center Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics Group 1:00pCouch 6001B/Zoommonthly (1st)Carlos Cruchaga, Gabriel HallerHope Center
Philosophy Mind Group10:00aZoomweeklyGabriel Siegel
Neurology Grand Rounds 7:45aConnor Auditorium/ZoomweeklyAlbert (Gus) DavisChristine McIntosh
Psychological & Brain Sciences Social & Personality Brown Bags 1:00pSomers Family Hall 215weekly  
Psychology Graduate Student Brown Bag 12:00pSomers Family Hall 215weekly  
Synapse Journal Club10:00a Biotech 330Every other FridaySteve Mennerick, Geraldine Kress 
Systems Journal Club12:00pMcDonnell Sciences 455weeklyPablo Blazquez, Dan Moran, Ilya Monosov, Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, Larry Snyder 
WUNIC Lectures1:30pNIL Conference Room 2311/Zoom2nd FridayJanine Bijsterbosch