Advanced Topics in Neuroscience (Bio 5989)

NanoCourses are 6 interactive sessions (90 minutes each) that offer a deep exploration of an advanced topic through primary literature and guided discussions. 

Registration is open to WashU graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty members. Students ​who wish to take a nanocourse for credit should officially register and are expected to attend and complete assignments for at least 4 of 6 sessions. Students register for one semester at a time with the following registration deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: 1st week of September
  • Spring Semester: Last week of January

General questions?  Contact Thomas Papouin.

For questions regarding registration contact Sally Vogt.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2023/2024 NanoCourses

Advanced Topics in Neuroscience (Bio 5989)

Deadline to officially register: TBD

Previous NanoCourses

We’ve had a successful 2 years of NanoCourses, see below for a list of previous Nanos and stay tuned for the 2023/2024 schedule!

  • Advanced scientific computing: Producing better code (NanoMaster: Tim Holy)
  • Introduction to Computational Neuroscience (NanoMasters: ShiNung Ching, Gaia Tavoni, Ilya Monosov)
  • Antidepressant Mechanisms (NanoMaster: Joshua Siegel)
  • Maladaptive decision making: Circuits and mechanisms (NanoMaster: Ilya Monosov)
  • Glia: Neuroscience without Neurons (NanoMasters: Thomas Papouin, Erik Musiek)
  • Pain (NanoMasters: Judith Golden, Meaghan Creed, Victoria Brings)
  • A Distinctly WashU Perspective on Neuroimaging (NanoMasters: Steven Petersen, Benjamin Seitzman)
  • Autoimmune disorders of the synapse (NanoMasters: Steven Mennerick, Geraldine Kress)
  • Rodent behavior (NanoMaster: Carla Yuede)