The Neuroscience graduate program is excited to announce ‘nanocourse’ pilots this semester!

Designed for any member of the WashU Neuroscience Community, nanocourses are interactive 6-week courses (1.5 hours/week) that offer a deep exploration of an advanced topic through primary literature and guided discussions. You are invited to attend one (or more) nanocourses offered this spring!

Registration is open to WashU graduate students (GR2 or above), post docs, staff, and faculty members. Participants are expected to attend and complete assignments for at least 4 of 6 sessions. This will help us collect feedback and evaluate these courses as potential building blocks for future graduate courses. 

Interested to organize a nanocourse in the future?  Scroll down for more information.

General questions?  Contact the organizer Steven Mennerick (Professor, WashU Psychiatry) 

Spring 2021 Nanocourses

Role of Early Life Adversity on Brain Development

Rebecca Brenner and Rachel Lean

April 14 – May 19
2:00-3:30 pm

  1. April 14: Preterm Birth and Neonatal Brain Connectivity
  2. April 21: Prenatal Influences: Maternal Stress during Pregnancy
  3. April 28: Aberrant Brain Connectivity in the Context of Poverty
  4. May 5: Maternal Mental Health and Infant Brain Development
  5. May 12: The Postnatal Environment: Parenting Quality
  6. May 19: Optimizing Infant Brain Development

Questions? Contact Rebecca Brenner.

Animal Behavior

Carla Yuede

April 19 – May 24
1:00 – 2:30 pm

  1. April 19: Overview of Rodent Behavior study design; Exploratory and emotional behavior
    Leader: Carla Yuede
  2. April 26: Movement analysis – Motor Function and coordination
    Leader: Josh Dearborn
  3. May 3: Developmental disorders and social behaviors
    Leader: Susan Maloney
  4. May 10: Cognition and Neurodegenerative disorders
    Leader: Carla Yuede 
  5. May 17: Sensory perception and Pain disorders
    Leaders: Judy Golden & Victoria Brings
  6. May 24: Operant conditioning and Addiction
    Leaders: Ream Al-Hasani & Jordan McCall

Questions? Contact Dr. Carla Yuede.

Interested to organize a nanocourse in the future?

We envision expanding and improving upon nanocourses in the Fall using lessons from this semester’s pilot courses. If you are a faculty member or advanced trainee interested in organizing and facilitating a nanocourse in the future (fall 2021 or beyond), please register by clicking the button below.  Nanocourses on any topics or techniques within neuroscience are encouraged!