Exploring recent publications in neuroscience and physiology with a focus on the neuronal synapse and its function

Anyone interested in synapses is welcome to participate!

When: 10:00a, 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month
Where: Biotechnology Building 129 (Medical Campus, first floor)
Organizer: Geraldine Kress (WashU Neurology)

Note that individual events are listed on the ONR Calendar.

Spring 2020 Schedule

February 14, 2020   Mark Rutherford (WashU Otolaryngology)

    “Conformational pathway provides unique sensitivity to a synaptic mGluR” (Nature Communications (2019)

** From March 6 – March 20, Synapse J Club will meet jointly with the Nanocourse, “Autoimmune Disorders of the Synapse”.   
All are welcome to join!

CANCELLED – March 13, 2020 Nanocourse

    Cellular mechanisms of NMDAR encephalitis

CANCELLED – March 20, 2020 Nanocourse