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Recent advances in the use of MRI to assess early human cortical development

Jeffrey J. Neil, Christopher D. Smyser. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Volume 293, August 2018, Pages 56-69

Preterm birth, Neuroimaging

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Parent-Child Psychotherapy Targeting Emotion Development for Early Childhood Depression

Joan L. LubyDeanna M. Barch, et al. The American Journal of Psychiatry, published online June 20, 2018. ajp.psychiatryonline.org


Brain growth in the NICU: Critical periods of tissue-specific expansion

Lillian G Matthews, Brian H Walsh, Clare Knutsen, Jeffrey J Neil, Christopher D Smyser, Cynthia E Rogers & Terrie E Inder.  Pediatric Research, Volume 83, Issue 5, 1 May 2018, Pages 976-981

Preterm birth, Neuroimaging

Maternal mental health during the neonatal period: Relationships to the occupation of parenting

Rachel Harris, Deanna Gibbs, Kathryn Mangin-Heimos, Roberta Pineda. Early Human Development, Volume 120, May 2018, Pages 31-39

Preterm birth, Stress

Irritability Trajectories, Cortical Thickness, and Clinical Outcomes in a Sample Enriched for Preschool Depression

David Pagliaccio, Daniel S. Pine, Deanna M. Barch, Joan L. Luby, Ellen Leibenluft. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Volume 57, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 336-342.e6

Neuroimaging, Depression

Use of a video scoring anchor for rapid serial assessment of social communication in toddlers

Natasha Marrus, Stefanie Kennon-McGill, Brooke Harris, Yi Zhang, Anne L. Glowinski, John N. Constantino. Journal of Visualized Experiments, Volume 2018, Issue 133, 14 March 2018, Article number e57041

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language development

Term-equivalent functional brain maturational measures predict neurodevelopmental outcomes in premature infants

Nathalie M. El Ters, Zachary A. Vesoulis, Steve M. Liao, Christopher D. Smyser, Amit M.Mathura. Early Human Development, Volume 119, April 2018, Pages 68-72

Preterm birth, Neuroimaging

Dynamic patterns of cortical expansion during folding of the preterm human brain

Kara E. Garcia, […], Cynthia E. RogersChristopher D. Smyser and Philip V. Bayly: 

Preterm birthNeuroimaging

Developmental Trajectories of Executive and Verbal Processes in Children with Phenylketonuria

Hawks, Z.W. , Strube, M. , Johnson, N. , Grange, D.K. , White, D.A. (2018) Developmental Neuropsychology, Volume 43, 2018 – Issue 3, pages 207-218.

Genetics, Language Development