WashU authors on topics of sex and gender in research and healthcare

Psychotic-like experiences and adverse life events in young people. Does gender matter?

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A comprehensive assay of social motivation reveals sex-specific roles of autism-associated genes and oxytocin

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Sex-specific associations between plasma interleukin-6 and depression in persons with and without HIV

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Associations between age, sex, APOE genotype, and regional vascular physiology in typically aging adults

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Association of Sex with Neurobehavioral Markers of Executive Function in 2-Year-Olds at High and Low Likelihood of Autism

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Sex-dependent effects of acute stress on amyloid-β in male and female mice

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The relevance of rich club regions for functional outcome post-stroke is enhanced in women

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Sex-specific hypnotic effects of the neuroactive steroid (3β,5β,17β)-3-hydroxyandrostane-17-carbonitrile are mediated by peripheral metabolism into an active hypnotic steroid

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Sex-related differences in violence exposure, neural reactivity to threat, and mental health

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Sex-Based Differences in Functional Brain Activity During Working Memory in Survivors of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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A comprehensive assay of social motivation reveals sex-differential roles of ASC-associated genes and oxytocin

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Consideration of sex and gender in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders from a global perspective

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