IMSE/BME Seminar: Akhilesh Gaharwar (Texas A and M University) – “Engineered Biomaterials for In situ Tissue Regeneration”

April 10, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Brauer Hall 012 (Danforth Campus)

“Engineered Biomaterials for In situ Tissue Regeneration”

Hosted by the Institute of Materials Science & Engineering (IMSE) and the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Abstract: Engineered biomaterials have emerged as powerful tools for a range of biomedical applications, including tissue engineering, drug delivery, and additive manufacturing (3D bioprinting). These biomaterials possess tunable biophysical properties, specific biochemical cues, and complex architecture, enabling precise control over cellular behavior. In this talk, I will outline three biomaterials-based approaches developed in our lab for biomedical applications. Firstly, I will highlight how engineered biomaterials can harness the body’s regenerative potential to control and direct cell functions for in situ tissue regeneration. Our work has resulted in a new class of biomaterials for bone regeneration, osteoarthritis treatment, angiogenesis, hemostasis, and wound healing. The second approach focuses on designing nanoengineered biomaterials for sustained and controlled release of therapeutics. We have developed a range of nano-tool kits for the delivery of small molecules drugs and large proteins, which have high loading efficacy and tunable delivery properties. These approaches can be used for targeted delivery of cancer therapeutics. Lastly, I will demonstrate the design of a new class of bioinks for 3D printing anatomical-size tissue constructs. These tissue structures can be used to develop physiologically relevant tissue models, mimicking disease conditions such as vascular pathophysiology and vascularized glioblastoma models.

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