NIL/NIAC SPIN Seminar: Summer students

August 1, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Radiology/NIL Conference Room (Medical Campus, 4525 Scott Ave, East Bldg 2311)

“Short Presentations”

PIs and mentors are invited.

The Summer Program of Imaging in Neuroscience (SPIN) series is supported by the Neuroimaging Lab (NIL) and the Neuroimaging informatics and analysis center (NIAC). We aim to introduce the basic concepts of advanced neuroimaging and how to apply those concepts in critical analysis of scientific research. The SPIN series consist of introductions of projects in the NIL, Journal Club and summer students’ progress reports intended for the summer students to get all the benefits from their stay over the summer in the lab.

All summer students within the neuroscience community as well as faculty and guests from other departments are very welcome. Light refreshment will be provided. 

For inquiries contact Qing Wang and Nelly Friedrichsen.