O’Leary Prize Competition

March 14, 2023
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Connor Auditorium (Farrell LTC, Medical Campus)

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The 46th Annual James L. O’Leary Prize Competition is held each year in conjunction with the O’Leary Lecture

Designed to acknowledge the most original and important accomplishments in Neuroscience research at WashU by a predoctoral student or postdoctoral fellow

Congratulations to the 2023 finalists!

  • Simone Brisoche, PhD, Colonna lab (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
  • Ricardo D’Oliveira Albanus, PhD, Harari lab (WashU Psychiatry)
  • Max Herzberg, PhD, Luby/Barch labs (WashU Psychiatry/Psychological & Brain Science)
  • Nimansha Jain, Holtzman lab (WashU Neurology)
  • Jung Uk Kang, Snyder lab (WashU Neuroscience)
  • Kelsey Krus, DiAntonio lab (WashU Developmental Biology)
  • Alessandro Livi, PhD, Padoa-Schioppa lab (WashU Neuroscience)
  • Jose Mazzitelli, Kipnis lab (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
  • Zhao Sun, PhD, Yoo lab (WashU Developmental Biology)
  • Shoutang Wang, PhD, Colonna lab (WashU Pathology & Immunology)

Each Finalist will deliver a 10-minute presentation, and our judging panel will choose a winner to receive a $1000 prize.

Note that each year, a past O’Leary Prize recipient is invited to be a guest judge and present the O’Leary Lecture.  This year’s guest judge, Terrance Kummer (WashU Neurology) will deliver the O’Leary Lecture on Wednesday March 15.

Learn more about the competition and see the list of past winners.

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