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Office of Neuroscience Research

The Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) was established in 2008 to provide a hub for all things Neuroscience at Washington University.  This includes hosting events of interest for the community (e.g., the Neuroscience Retreat and Neuroscience Colloquium), a calendar for Neuroscience events on the Medical and Danforth Campuses, and regular emails to keep the community informed of news, events, and resources.  More recently, the ONR has initiated an effort to reach out to other Washington University academic communities to drive conversations on Neuroscience and Society.  To learn more about this new effort, click here.

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Today's Events (Monday, Apr 23, 2018)
9:00 AM
Thesis Defense: Matthew McCoy (Program in Molecular Genetics & Genomics) -- “Defining Neuronal Identity Using MicroRNA-Mediated Neuronal Reprogramming”
12:00 PM
Developmental Biology Seminar: Mary Baylies (Sloan Kettering Institute) -- "Regulation of Muscle Cell Size and Organization during Development and in Disease"
1:00 PM2:30 PM
BMB Special Seminar: Steve Doberstein (Nektar Therapeutics) -- “NKTR-181: Uncoupling Opioid Euphoria from Analgesia" 
3:00 PM
CMMN Outreach Program Mini Symposium: Andrew Wang (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Hong Chen (WashU Radiation Oncology/Biomedical Engineering) -- Andrew Wang: "Nanoparticles, radiation and cancer immunotherapy"
Hong Chen: "iFEND: Image-guided focused ultrasound-enabled nanoparticle delivery to the brain"
4:00 PM4:00 PM
38th Annual Hamburger Lecture: Eve Marder (Brandeis University) -- "Variability, Robustness, and Homeostasis in Neurons and Circuits"