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Office of Neuroscience Research

The field of Neuroscience at Washington University has a long and rich history.  From the nobel-prize winning insights of Rita Levi-Montalcini and Viktor Hamburger on formation and development of the nervous sytem, through development of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, to current innovations in detection and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, Washington University has remained among the preeminent institutions for Neuroscience Research.

Through these years of nervous system exploration, the field has evolved and expanded to include diverse sub-disciplines such as imaging, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, and genetics.  Moreover, collaborative and interdisciplinary research, common at Washington University, has brought Neuroscience Research into an increasing number of laboratories.  The Office of Neuroscience Research provides a starting point for investigators, generous supporters, recruits, and others seeking additional information about the Washington University Neuroscience Community.

The Office of Neuroscience Research is sponsored by the McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, and the Department of Neurology. 

Today's Events (Friday, Dec 02, 2016)
7:45 AM
Neurology Grand Rounds: Lumy Sawaki (University of Kentucky) -- "Neuromodulation to Drive Upper & Lower Extremity Motor Recovery for People with Neurological Impairment:  Established Knowledge & Evidence Gaps"
9:15 AM12:00 PM2:00 PM
Hope Center Clocks & Sleep Club: Scott Lewis (Hughes Lab, University of Missouri St. Louis), Sonya Bahar (University of Missouri St. Louis) -- Scott Lewis, "Orexin signaling regulates both the hippocampal clock and the circadian oscillation of Alzheimer's disease-risk genes"
Sonya Bahar, "Chimera States in a Hodgkin-Huxley Neural Model"
4:30 PM5:00 PM