HYBRID Hope Center/Neurology/Developmental Biology Monday Noon Seminar: Stefanie Geisler (WashU Neurology) – “Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy: From bedside to bench and back”

May 23, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Zoom/Connor Auditorium (Farrell LTC, Medical Campus)

“Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy: From bedside to bench and back”

This Monday Noon seminar mini-series is co-hosted by the WashU Hope Center for Neurological Disorders ,  Department of Developmental Biology and Department of Neurology.

Mini-series: Development and Disorders of the Peripheral Nervous System

Organizer, Mayssa Mokalled and Tony Tsai (WashU Developmental Biology)

  • May 2: Alison Snyder-Warwick (WashU Surgery)
  • May 9: Rejji Kuruvilla (Johns Hopkins University)
  • May 16: Valeria Cavalli (WashU Neuroscience)
  • May 23: Stefanie Geisler (WashU Neurology)

Full schedule, Hope Center Monday Noon Seminars

For those unable to join in person, the seminar will be accessible via Zoom

For inquiries contact Cindy Lawrence or the Hope Center.