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Annual Neuroscience Retreat

The annual Neuroscience Retreat is organized by graduate students across programs and departments, and intended to foster scientific and social interaction among students, post docs, and faculty in the WashU Neuroscience community.

2017 Annual Neuroscience Retreat
Thursday October 12 - Friday October 13
Trout Lodge, Potosi, MO

Keynote Speakers:

For scheduling details, check the Neuroscience Calendar entry.


Call for Abstracts:      August 15
T-shirt designs:          August 22
T-shirt design voting: September 11
Registration:              September 18

The Annual Neuroscience Retreat takes place each fall and is open to students (all graduate programs), post docs and faculty engaged in Neuroscience Research.  The retreat is organized by graduate students and coordinated by the Office of Neuroscience Research.  Administrative assistance is provided by the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, the McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, and the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences.

The Retreat program includes short talks, keynote talks, "table topics" and a poster session. The Neuroscience Retreat is a great opportunity for all to share research findings, socialize, identify labs for rotation and otherwise engage.  

Registration - CLOSED
Registration is required for anyone who would like to attend the Neuroscience Retreat.  

t-shirt Design Competition - CLOSED
Find out the winner (and purchase a t-shirt, $5) at the Retreat!

Call for Abstracts - CLOSED
Students and Post Docs are invited to submit an abstract that will be considered for a short talk or a poster.  (Alternatively, you may opt to present a poster.)  To select who will give short talks, a review committee will consider multiple criteria including scientific topic, approach, and graduate program. Student and post doc presenters at the Retreat will be eligible for a Tom Thach Award (see below).

Faculty members are invited to present a poster at the Retreat.  This is a great way to showcase your research to incoming students! 

Thach Award
Grad students and post docs who present short talks or posters are eligible to compete for a Tom Thach Award. 

Click here for more information including past winners. 

Introduced to the Retreat in 2016, NeurOlympics is a competition of mind, strength, speed, and endurance. NeurOlympics is a neuroscience/lab/WashU themed trivia event that brings together graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members from different cohorts, fields, and departments. Teams will have 4-6 members and a faculty captain and will compete for ultimate bragging rights and lovely gold, silver, and bronze medal prizes. 

NeurOlympics will take place on Thursday evening (day 1 of the Retreat).  

For any questions about NeurOlympics, please contact Sabin Nettles.


Please keep in mind the retreat is open to faculty, post-docs and graduate students only. Due to limited room availability, we are unable to accommodate spouses and children.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Carmen Horn or Laura Williams.


Annual Neuroscience Retreats

Speaker(s) Year Archive

Beth Stevens
Susana Martinez-Conde

2017 Retreat Program

Randy Buckner
Catherine Woolley

2016 Retreat Program

Amy Bastian
Richard Huganir


Retreat Program

Erika Holzbaur
Nicholas Schiff
2014 Retreat Program
William Kelley
Charles Zorumski
2013 Retreat Program
Azad Bonni
Catherine Bushnell
Gail Mandel
Tirin Moore
Julie Kauer
Olaf Sporns
John Maunsell
Indira Ramen
Miriam Goodman
Marcus Raichle
Hollis Cline
John Donoghue
Huda Akil
Jeffrey Rothstein
Pat Levitt
Gina Turrigiano
Christine Holt 2004  
David Anderson
Huda Zoghbi
Thomas Carew 2002  
Kristen Harris
Michael Stryker
Albert Aguayo
Lorna Role
Mary Kennedy
Robert Wurtz
Mary Beth Hatten
Eric Knudsen
Connie Cepko 1997  
Fred Gage 1996  
Marc Tessier-Lavigne 1995  
Marianne Bronner-Fraser
Scott Fraser
Susan Hockfield
William Newsome