A New Therapy for Multiple Personality Disorder Helps a Woman with 12 Selves

The author, Rebecca Lester, PhD, is Chair of WashU Anthropology. When Ella time traveled in my office for the first time, I did not realize what was happening right away. She was sitting comfortably in a chair, her hands folded, her back straight and her feet flat on the floor. There was no dramatic change, no […]

Longevity Gene May Protect against a Notorious Alzheimer’s Risk Gene

Consumer genetic tests can sometimes result in a terrible surprise appearing in the same report that divulges whether one has a cilantro aversion or wet or dry earwax. Test takers may receive the devastating news that they have a version of a gene—apolipoprotein E epsilon 4 (APOE e4)—that greatly increases their chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The […]

Antisense Drugs for Huntington’s, ALS and Prion Diseases Could Meet the Dire Need for Brain Treatments

Among the human body’s many maladies, few have stumped medical researchers like those that decimate the brain. After decades of effort, effectively treating—let alone curing—neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease has been a source of frustration for many, as old theories are questioned and clinical trials fail. Basic scientists have achieved some progress. […]

The Sleep-Dementia Connection

Among the many things that can shatter when Alzheimer’s disease tightens its grip is the steady rhythm of the body’s sleep-wake cycle. The problem is so common that one New York City nursing facility—the Hebrew Home at Riverdale—ran an all-night program for many years that took in afflicted community members for a dusk-to-dawn schedule of […]