HYBRID BME Seminar: Young Kim (Purdue University) – “Hyperspectral learning and cyberphysical biophotonics for mHealth”

September 15, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Zoom/Whitaker Hall 218 (Danforth Campus)

“Hyperspectral learning and cyberphysical biophotonics for mHealth”

Hosted by the Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Abstract: Our laboratory focuses have been developing informed learning approaches and fusion of physical and digital properties for biomedical and global engineering applications. First, we will talk about our recent work about hyperspectral learning that virtually transforms a smartphone camera to a hyperspectral imaging system without any accessory hardware attachment. An informed learning approach allows us to incorporate a physical or biological understanding into learning algorithms to overcome the limitations of purely data-driven machine learning. This mHealth technology also eliminates the need for additional accessories and bulky components, which often weaken user acceptance and hamper practical translation from research to clinical practice. Second, we will share another interesting research area of biomedical security in response to the FDA’s drug supply chain security act. The problem of counterfeit medicines is not new, but is ever-growing as the practices of medication counterfeiting became increasingly advanced during the pandemic. Cyberphysical biomedical security technologies of encoding dosage information and authentication into edible biomaterials can provide serialization, track and trace, and authentication at the dosage level, empowering patients to play a key role in combating counterfeit medicines. Overall, such data-driven connected mHealth and digital health technologies can potentially offer mobility, simplicity, and affordability for rapid and scalable adaptation in resource-limited or at-home settings.

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