ICTS Precision Medicine Thursday: Holden Thorp (WashU Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor), Robyn Klein (WashU Vice Provost and Associate Dean)

March 21, 2019
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Venture Café St. Louis (Medical Campus, 4240 Duncan Ave)

Holden Thorp: “Making Drugs Better by Making them Worse”
Robyn Klein: “Learning from viruses: how brain inflammation may cause dementia”

Thorp Abstract: Metalloenzymes comprise a third of all enzymes and are inhibited by 10% of all marketed drugs. Drugs that bind very strongly to metal atoms give tantalizingly high affinities, but are often toxic: the solution lies in going on the road less traveled.

Klein Abstract: People who have experienced brain infections with viruses, such as West Nile virus, often develop severe memory disorders that interfere with daily life functions. Here I will discuss how efficient clearance of virus may lead to changes in brain structure and function.

On the third Thursday of every month , ICTS Precision Medicine hosts a session featuring WashU faculty working in translational genomics/precision medicine areas. Talks are typically oriented toward biotechnology, diagnostics, informatics, start-ups and precision interventions based on medical genomics innovations.

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