NIAC Guest Lecture: Ben Palanca (WashU Anesthesiology) – “Delirium and Depression: Tales from the Deep”

January 10, 2020
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Radiology/NIL Conference Room (Medical Campus, 4525 Scott Ave, East Bldg 2311)

“Delirium and Depression: Tales from the Deep”

Background: Dr. Palanca is interested in characterizing the mechanisms whereby anesthetic agents alter intracortical and subcortical neural networks and impair cognitive processes to generate unconsciousness. The question of how anesthetic agents induce reversible states of unconsciousness is of central importance in the science of anesthesiology. The answers to this question have obvious importance for understanding the neural circuitry underlying cognitive function and developing safer and better approaches to administering and monitoring general anesthesia.

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