VIRTUAL Postdoc Symposium: Susanna Harris (PhD Balance) – “Balancing Career and Well-Being”

September 21, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Zoom conference (Virtual)

“Balancing Career and Well-Being”
Susanna Harris: “Building Communities to Support Yourself and Help Others Succeed”

Abstract: Postdocs walk into a new space as a beginner while carrying with them the weight of being a leader. They have to balance learning skills, integrating into a different environment, and mentoring others as they go – often, almost totally on their own. Many will become group leaders, charged with guiding the next generation of researchers. Through supporting themselves and others by opening discussions and building communities, these daunting tasks don’t have to be nearly as hard as they would be alone. This talk will focus on preparing for success by practicing active awareness of both self and others, as well as identifying common pitfalls of mental health challenges in academia.

Postponed from April 9, 2020, the 16th Annual Postdoc Symposium is sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the WashU Postdoc Society, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Registration is closed email: with questions.

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1:00 pm          Welcome and Opening Remarks

1:15 pm           Keynote Address, CEO and Founder of PhD Balance, Susanna L. Harris, PhD –

  • The keynote will be live streamed to our YouTube channel for postdocs outside of WashU

2:15 pm          Presentation of Outstanding Faculty Mentor and Postdoc Mentor or Teacher Awards 

2:30 pm           Break

3:00 pm         Postdoc StoryTellers – training provided by Campfire STL

  • David Alvarado, PhD, Department of Medicine – Gastroenterology, School of Medicine
  • Florence Flick, PhD, Dept of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Nicole Leitner, PhD, Dept of Biology, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Sara Norton, PhD, Dept of Psychology, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Sarah Rosen, PhD, Department of Medicine – Infectious Disease, School of Medicine

    4:30 pm         Social Hour with StoryTellers