The series brings in WashU faculty and other experts across disciplines whose research has particular implications for interventions in Autism.

Each lecture lasts about 45 minutes, with the remaining time allotted to interactions and discussion with attendees. Appetizers and drinks are provided. Speaker information and reading materials for preparation of each series will be sent out in the weeks leading up to each session.

The Autism Seminar Series is brought to you by the Department of Neuroscience and the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC).

2018/19 Schedule

Third Monday of the month
McDonnell Sciences Building, Room 928
4:00-5:30p unless noted

Note that individual events also are listed on the ONR Calendar.

For inquiries, please contact Daniel Gray (Program Manager, IDDRC).

September 17

Tamara Hershey 
WashU Psychiatry, Neurology and Radiology
“Neurophenotyping a rare monogenic disorder: Lessons from Wolfram Syndrome”

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October 29 – NOTE 4:30p start

Matthew Lalli
Milbrandt and Mitra Labs, WashU Genetics
“CRANIUM – A Cas9-based platform to discover common mechanisms of rare disease genes”

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December 17

Jason Yi
WashU Dept. of Neuroscience
“Phenotypic and mechanistic insights from variant analysis of UBE3A”

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January 14

Annapurna Poduri
Harvard University
“Epilepsy Genetics: A Gateway to Mosaicism in Neurodevelopmental Disorders”

    February 18

    Harrison Gabel
    WashU Dept. of Neuroscience

    “From genetics to mechanism: understanding epigenetic disruption in autism and related disorders”

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    March 18

    Gabriel Haller
    Gurnett and Dobbs Lab, WashU Neurology and Orthopaedic Surgery

    “High-throughput functional characterization of genetic variation in human disease”

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    April 15

    Laura Jansen
    WashU Neurology

    “Mechanistic Links Between Epilepsy and Autism in the mTORopathies”

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    May 20

    Flash Talks

    Cynthia Ortinau (WashU Pediatrics): “Altered prenatal brain development in congenital heart disease”

    Rafael Galindo (WashU Neurology): “Neuroprotective actions of gonadotropins in the injured developing brain”

    Stephanie Morris (WashU Neurology): “Genotype-Phenotype Correlation in NF1-ASD”

    Bhooma Aravamuthan (WashU Neurology): “Pathophysiology of dystonia after neonatal brain injury”

    Zachary Vesoulis (WashU Pediatrics): “Late failure of cerebral autoregulation in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy is associated with brain injury”

    Jessica Chubiz (WashU Prematurity Research Center): “Prematurity Research Center (PRC) and Women & Infants Health Specimen Consortium (WIHSC) Resources”