Aims to bring together WashU scientists interested in understanding the role of glial cells in the CNS and PNS through works-in-progress and recent publication discussions.

Anyone interested is welcome to participate!

Location: BJC Institute of Health 9AB (Medical Campus, 9th floor)
Time: 12:00p* every other Wednesday (*NOTE new start time)
Organizer: Allison Soung (Graduate student, Neuroscience Program)

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Note that individual events are listed on the ONR Calendar.

2019 Schedule

January 16, 2019

Patrick Sheehan
Musiek Lab, WashU Neurology

“Complement and Glia: A Literature Review”

January 30, 2019

Amber Hackett
Milbrandt Lab, WashU Genetics

Works-in-Progress: “Schwann Cell Metabolism and Dedifferentiation”

February 13, 2019

Marlene Kanmogne
Klein Lab, WashU Medicine

“Phosphatidylserine Exposure Controls Viral Innate Immune Responses by Microglia” Neuron (2017)

February 27, 2019

Ilia Katritch
Herzog Lab, WashU Biology

“Cell-autonomous clock of astrocytes drives circadian behavior in mammals” Science (2019)

March 13, 2019

Carolyn Mann
Gallardo Lab, WashU Neurology


“Neuroinflammation: An Ion Dependent Mechanism for Hypertension of the Brain”

March 27, 2019

Tom Mahan
Holtzman Lab, WashU Neurology

Works-in-Progress: “Microglial apoE and the development of amyloid-beta pathology”

April 10, 2019

Michael Strickland
Holtzman Lab, WashU Neurology

April 24, 2019

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May 8, 2019

Allison Soung
Klein Lab, WashU Medicine

“Astrocyte-Secreted Chordin-like 1 Drives Synapse Maturation and Limits Plasticity by Increasing Synaptic GluA2 AMPA Receptors” Blanco-Suarez, et al. Neuron 2018