Cynthia Rogers, MD


Research Topics

  • Neuroimaging biomarkers of abnormal social and emotional development in formerly preterm children
  • Effects of adverse environmental factors on social and emotional development of preterm and full term infants

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  2017 Office of Neuroscience Research Conference speaker:
“The Developing Brain of the High Risk Infant: Role of Maternal Perinatal Mental Health”

  Watch Cynthia Rogers’ 2017 ONR Conference talk.

Publications on brain development, law, and policy

Brain growth in the NICU: Critical periods of tissue-specific expansion

Lillian G Matthews, Brian H Walsh, Clare Knutsen, Jeffrey J Neil, Christopher D Smyser, Cynthia E Rogers & Terrie E Inder.  Pediatric Research, Volume 83, Issue 5, 1 May 2018, Pages 976-981

Cortical functional connectivity evident after birth and behavioral inhibition at age 2

Chad M. Sylvester, Christopher D. Smyser, Tara Smyser, Jeanette Kenley, Joseph J. Ackerman, Jr., Joshua S. Shimony, Steve E. Petersen, Cynthia E. Rogers. American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 175, Issue 2, 1 February 2018, Pages 180-187

Maternal intelligence quotient (IQ) predicts IQ and language in very preterm children at age 5 years

Lean, R.E. […] Christopher SmyserCynthia Rogers Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 59:2 (2018), pp 150–159